Standard Locker Range

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main locker spread
Standard Lockers - Standard lockers are suitable for schools, colleges and workplace and are available from single tier to 16 compartment lockers                                            more      
Shockproof lockers
Probe Laminate lockers - Probe shockproof lockers are robust and are offered in wide choice of Trespa laminate colours from our standard range                             more
Timber fronted lockers
Timber Faced Lockers - Wooden Door Lockers offer an affordable alternative to more expensive wooden lockers. Our range of Probe Wooden Lockers provide an attractive appearance where standard steel lockers may not be appropriate                          more
Quarto lockers for small areas
Quarto Lockers -
Quartos have been designed fo ruse individually. Bolted together in blocks or to compliment other locker combinations by acting as linking  bridges or extra top locker. Available in two sizes 305mm w x 305mmd or 305mm w x 460mm d


Vision Lockers
Security & Clear door Lockers - Security and clear door lockers offer added security to the user and also employer and are available in multi compartment options               more
Plastic lockers
Ultrabox Plastic  Lockers - Ultrabox plastic locker are suitable for both external and internal applications. Manufactured using high grade plastic - Ultrabox lockers offer great versatility at an affordable price                 more
Laptop Charging locker range
Personal Effects Lockers
Laptop Charging lockers - Laptop and Media device storage lockers are available in both powered and non powered models.
Probe  offer a comprehensive range of media towers for a variety of smart devices. You can choose from powered or non-powered, mobile or static, there's a media tower to suit your needs                  more


Cube Lockers - Use these handy lockers as multi-purpose storage units, Offered in three standard sizes 305mm cube, 380mm cube and 460mm cube. They are supplied pre-drilled for bolting together in blocks as needed                 more
Personal Effects Mini-Lockers - 20 Compartment Mini-Box lockers 940mm high x 900mm w x 380mm d. Clear entry compartment size 155mm x 155mm
Clean/Dirty Lockers
Twin Lockers
Garment Lockers - A Single Service door provides access to all inner compartments of these Garment Dispensers enabling the distribution of clean garments, towels etc
Individual compartments remain secure and require a keyed access. Available in 5,10 and 15 door units                                            more


Workwear Lockers - Complete with full width internal shlef,vertical divide,double coat hooks.Overall size 1780mm high x 460mm wide x 460mm deep                                        more
Twin Lockers - Each compartment comes with hat shelf and a double coat hook - Size  460mm Wide 460mm x  deep      
2 Person Lockers
4 comp mesh lockers
Probe polymer slat bench
Two Person Lockers -Provides two sectionsper user with a common key to operate each compartment. Overall seze 1780mm hiigh x 460mm wide x 460mm deep.
Mesh Lockers - Wire mesh lockers create a secure facility for staff personal effects equipment whilst allowing visibility and air circulation. These are ideal for many industries particularly food and construction.
Bench Seating- Modular bench seating with double and single sided options                                           more