Longspan Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

This manual storage system for picking of products follows the “person-to-product” principle, providing direct access to all stored items. Longspan shelving is designed for warehouses storing large or heavy goods in which items are deposited and removed manually from shelves.

With its wide range of accessories and complements, M7 Longspan Shelving is extremely versatile and can be adapted to meet your specific needs. It is therefore the ideal system for storing boxes, clothes, loose items, and much more.

This system also makes optimal use of warehouse height, as the higher levels can be accessed mechanically by devices that lift the operator to required height (stacker cranes or order picking forklift trucks) or via gangways located between shelves                                                             More

Longspan shelving
Standard application of longspan shelving is cladding beams with 22mm chipboard to form a shelf. Other finishes include galvanised shelf panels or open mesh grid shelving
 M7 lonsgspan shelving can be adapted to store garments in a warehouse application