Mobile Shelving

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System Mobile Shelving

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Mobile shelving is a storage system that maximises floor space and storage efficiency. Addmor Planned Storage can design a system that will improve space and create up to 100% more storage capacity for your filing, archiving and product needs. Mobile office shelving or high density storage has become one of the most essential storage systems for filing and archiving, especially where floor space is expensive or limited. Mobile archive shelving has become one of the most successful methods for medical records storage as it enables healthcare trusts to maximise space. When it comes to archive storage, we can design the perfect system that meets your exact requirements or specification. From basic static shelving solutions to large-scale, complex industrial mobile shelving projects, we are confident we can work with you to provide the highest level of information, designs, concept and finished project as we work with the finest mobile shelving manufacturers. Addmor Planned Storage offers a complete range of storage systems across multiple industry sectors including mobile storage solutions, mobile library shelves, office storage and furniture, to mezzanine floors and partitioning systems that will enable your business to grow and remove the stress caused by limited space

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System R

System R is our most popular range, it is a general purpose commercial mobile system which is capable of use in about 90% of mobile systems. Its original concept was for the commercial and office interior market. It is of modular design, and offers a great load transfer system, spreading the media load evenly thought the floor upon which it is positioned. The system has an integrated fully finished floor, the system is fully levelled to ensure a smooth even movement. Each system is supplied safety locking as a standard.

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Mechanically Assisted Mobile Bases (MA Base )

The base itself is a rigid structure, more like a car Chassis with the load being absorbed by the base, and transferred to the wheels. It is a fully bolted system, and the first and only truly modular heavy duty base. The load capacity, in conjunction with grouted tracks is phenomenal, it will easily cope with the stresses and strains of heavy duty shelving, widespan racking, and even pallet racking. The bases have been used to store every thing imaginable, from the smallest nuts and bolts, to huge MRI scanner magnets.

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Powered Mobile Bases

Both the MA base, and the system R base are able to be supplied with the electronic control option. The MA bases has a sophisticated control system, and uses an AC motor, where the System R is much simpler, and uses a DC motor. The main difference between the two systems is the size, and load of the system (DC will power up to 6m bases). The complex system can be used in conjunction with automatic lighting, and linked to a database and remotely controlled.

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